Digitrax DCS240

Digitrax DCS240
Merke: Digitrax
Varenummer: DCS-DCS240
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Pris: 4.016,-
Eks. moms: 3.213,-
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More Locos
More Capacity
Really Big Fun!

The DCS240 Advanced Command Station lets your LocoNet® System run up to 400 locos and 400 throttles. Full read/write programming, route capability, USB connectivity, and separate programming output lets you run and program at the same time.  



  • 5 or 8 Amps of Power

  • 400 Loco Addresses

  • 400 Throttle Support

  • Combination Advanced LocoNet® Command Station and 8 amp CTC booster

  • User selectable N,HO, and large scale operation with Voltage Trim

  • LocoNet for easy plug ‘n play installation and system expansion

  • Auto resetting over temperature and short circuit protection

  • Hardware EZ routes and Loco Reset

  • Integrated USB for Computer Support

  • Over-Voltage Protected

  • Auto shutdown when command control signal is lost to prevent “runaway” trains

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